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Asked by herstine - 3 years ago
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 3 years ago
The cumulative debilitating effects of 8 heart attacks.
The clock that is ticking louder and louder in the back of my head as I race to finish the things I absolutely MUST finish before I die.
My inability to get the Tampa police and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office to take my son's muder seriously.
My lack of patience with people who are habitually (and proudly) deliberately obtuse.
My ability to give up cheese, but not derision.

I hope this helps. Still, something tells me you will get some funny looks if you use these answers in your own homework.
Maybe it would help if you considered the question in the context of your own experiences.
Good luck!
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shylaamari Level 9 / student
Answered 3 years ago
the pressure i put on myself to be perfect, look perfect, act perfect and not feeling like i ever measure up. my self talk or the things that i am telling myself and also comparing myself to others.
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