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Asked by kimminski - 3 years ago
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Peter1g Level 24 / Retired Engineer
Answered 3 years ago
Experience tells me where there are potential stressful situations. The classic ones are time pressure and work overload. Once the possible stressful situation is established, something must be done. This range from complete avoidance to biting the bullet. Remember most stress is in the mind.

Take work overload for example. Take a cool look at what has to be done and by when. Prioritise. Take some of your valuable time to formulate a workable plan. There may just be some impossible tasks - discuss with the boss and as your plan is good and sound, he will see that not all the tasks can be done, either without help or moving deadlines. Negotiate. How often have we all had something like "I want that report by 9 in the morning" only to find on delivery at 8:55 he has gone on holiday for 2 weeks leaving your report unread.

Other types of stress can be dealt with by the question "who cares?". By way of example, a lady may get quite stressed as to what outfit needs to be worn at a dinner party of friends. Be yourself - if others don't like it that is there problem not yours!

Perhaps you could be stressed about a public engagement - a speech or presentation. Spend your time in preparation and rehearsal rather than stressful meltdown. Seek help and guidance from someone who has done it before. Relax.

Stress is not good for your health!
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Hecate Level 48
Answered 3 years ago
learn to relax and if your life is too busy - remember to delegate. nothing is worth risking you health for.

this link may help you with a few suggestions on how to improve your stress levels.

over time you will learn to recognize the triggers and find ways to adapt. If you drink alot of coffee or tea or caffeinated drinks, it is best to reduce them, as caffeine will increase your stress levels.

Taking time out for yourself may also be beneficial, maybe try yoga, massage or Ti Chi, all of which have been proved to lower your bodies stress levels and Blood Pressure.

This site may help you identify the triggers;
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