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Asked by rbirch33 - 3 years ago
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joensf Level 82
Answered 3 years ago
I don’t know, these people seem to think he's dead, see

In the movie The Others (starring Nicole Kidman), is her husband in the movie dead?
Yes. At the movie "The Others", Grace's husband is a soldier in WWII and Grace has given her husband up for dead.

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He comes back "home" but he hardly recognizes his wife and kids and appears very lost. I believe that he is also dead like them, and the movie appears to suggest that the dead stay where-ever they died. Thus, he goes back to the trenches where he died.

I guess that occasionally the dead people get memories from when they were alive and that made him find his way to his house, but that's not where he died and he must go back. Just as Nicole Kidman remembered ultimately that she killed her children and then took her own life, her husband remembered something from his past life, but it wasn't real to him anymore in the ghost life.
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nellbell Level 2
Answered 3 years ago
Alive, Nicole Kidman is dead.
JaneTessa86 Level 2
Answered 3 years ago
Oh, i just saw this movie, on a free divx movie site. Nicole's husband in The Others is dead, of course. he came back from the battle as a ghost after he died there. this is way they could talk to each other. he came to her to say good bay before he crossed over.
NatashaTMT Level 1
Answered 2 years ago
Yes but I don't think he knew he was dead. Being that he died during war, that's where he thinks he belongs
Source Muy
Additional Details added 2 years ago
Also, after Mom realized what she'd done... She's holding the children explaining it all to them. The daughter ask, "Mommy, did Daddy die in the war?" Mom replied, "yes."
So, there you have it
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