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Asked by Tristen - 3 years ago
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 3 years ago
It is the only way to make sure you are choosing a plan you can afford, that will also meet your needs.
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 3 years ago
Many people do not understand this.
Some so called insurance plans are just prepayment plans. They just increase you cost of health help. The government adds things to these to increase the cost of them so the government plan must be accepted.

There are managed care plans. They are just that. They will decide what care they will pay for and often where you will get it.

There are true insurance plans that provide payment for major illnesses. These protect your finances. It is illegal to buy them if you have medicare. Crazy government regulation in action.

It is important to understand this when you hear people discussing health plans and when you are deciding what you need for yourself.

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