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Asked by tbrucenyc - 3 years ago
The last 5 lb bag of sugar from the market seems to be a bit damp.
When I go to sweeten my coffee, it doesn't pour out of the dispenser.
Is there some easy way, or should I just wait until it's used up.
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thinkfirst Level 18 / Scientist
Answered 3 years ago
Industrial sugar plants place sugar in large tumblers and blow hot air over the product

The easiest way to replicate this would be to place small quantities in a calico bag (or some other semi-porous bag) and set it in your tumbling clothes dryer. I wouldn't use too much mass because it will bang about and maybe damage the tumble drum or motor.

Oh, and if you do that, I'd like to see pics!
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ynes Level 51
Answered 3 years ago
I was going to suggest the rice. Not sure it will work but it was the only thing I could think of. Or you could make caramel or butterscotch. or a lot of topping for creme brulee.
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