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Asked by fatou - 2 years ago
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Richard Level 76 / Retired Dentist
Answered 2 years ago
There are a wide variety of drugs.
There are mind control techniques. An example would be hypnotism.
There are physiological techniques. Examples would be convergence and divergence.
There are surgical techniques.

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caraBR Level 9 / ER Nurse
Answered 2 years ago
Medication would be the primary one I suppose, but other methods are often effective. Physiotherapy and biofeedback are commonly used to reduce chronic pain. Thermo-pad heat packs often provide temporary relief. For bedridden patients, pressure redistribution mattresses and repositioning are used to prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores).
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swankee Level 2
Answered 1 year ago
I highly, highly recommend yoga! It is a great, gentle way to become aware of and accept pain and tension in the body, and with consistent practice you will slowly begin to see your problem areas get better and in general will feel stronger and more comfortable in your skin. Check out an easy hatha class to start. A regular yoga routine has worked wonders for my chronic pain.
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