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caraBR Level 9 / ER Nurse
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Relationships between:
Caregivers and residents
Caregivers and administration
Caregivers and attending physicians
Office personnel and residents
Administration and families of residents
Caregivers and resident's families
Caregivers and kitchen staff
Caregivers and janitorial staff

There are others of course, but these are some examples of how employees of a residential care facility must communicate and co-operate with each other in the best interests of all concerned.
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joensf Level 82
Answered 3 years ago
The basic difference between working relationship and personal relationship is the intimacy or the level of intimacy that people can show. In a personal relationship, one can be as sweet or rude as he can be depending upon his mood. However, working relationships are more formal, and people tend to behave in more or less same fashion all the time. Conversations in working relationships are more businesslike and mostly polite. On the other hand, personal relationship talks are as varied as the relation and one can see a wide spectrum of conversations in husband wife relationship.

Professional relationship limits conversations to more business interactions and not emotional or private issues, politics and religion should not be involved as a general rule., where as personal relationships and conversations can go anywhere, including politics, emotional, sexual, to religion.
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