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Asked by gardnersarah - 3 years ago
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cord27 Level 5
Answered 3 years ago
For starters, to keep animals away from it, which helps keep diseases under control, it's also a good example to others.
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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 3 years ago
To keep your place from getting buggy! If you leave crumbs around and go out, when you return and turn on the lights you will see the Cockroaches or (Palmetto bugs) as they call them in Florida scatter.
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rtrdnrs Level 17 / registered nurse, retired
Answered 3 years ago
it reduces the development of bacteria - bacteria grows quickly on foods that are not refrigerated, and then it can linger on the surfaces after they are wiped off, thereby leaving possibility of contaminating future foods put there.If food is left on dishes or surfaces too long, clean them with a Chlorox solution to kill bacteria, or run dishes through dishwasher with extra hot water.
It also prevents insects from invading! Plus, it helps the kitchen look better!
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everyrosie Level 2
Answered 10 months ago
It's important for so many reasons! There are almost too many to list. I think the number one reason to remove waste safely is to make sure that the garbage doesn't make everyone around it sick.

Rosie |
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