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Asked by adarlo1973 - 3 years ago
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 3 years ago
The people in charge have to do the best they can. During an emergency the routes will get congested. The idea is to keep things moving. This required advance planning.

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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 3 years ago
A disorganized evacuation can result in confusion, injury, and property damage. When developing your emergency action plan, it is important to determine the following:
* Conditions under which an evacuation would be necessary;
* Conditions under which it may be better to shelter-in-place;
* A clear chain of command and designation of the person in your business authorized to order an evacuation or shutdown;
* Specific evacuation procedures, including routes and exits;
* Specific evacuation procedures for high-rise buildings;
o For Employers
o For Employees
* Procedures for assisting visitors and employees to evacuate, particularly those with disabilities or who do not speak English;
* Designation of what, if any, employees will remain after the evacuation alarm to shut down critical operations or perform other duties before evacuating;
* A means of accounting for employees after an evacuation;
* Special equipment for employees; and
* Appropriate respirators.
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