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Asked by adarlo1973 - 3 years ago
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HannaAwesome Level 2
Answered 3 years ago
I would tell them that for every piece of trash they picked up, they get a dollar. You could probably make laws against trashing things, although I'm pretty sure that's unconstitutional. If you're an adult, stop for all animals that may pass the road, and if you don't you get a ticket. Ban all cars that run on crude oil (again, unconstitutional). Do more ads on electric cars (I rarely see ads on electric cars). Try to raise awareness, because a lot of people just don't know. Have the government have big stores like Walmart to have recycle bins instead of trash cans. Have famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie promote recyling and stuff. Make environmental friendly lights less expensive. Make more ads on environmental friendly lights (I rarely see ads on those lights). If companies use less plastic on bottles, they get less taxes. If paper companies find new, better ways to make papers they get a million dollars from the government (a little far

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