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Asked by kigamboni - 3 years ago
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Describe how you would resove any difficulities or dilemmas about the choice of food and drink that an individual has made
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rtrdnrs Level 17 / registered nurse, retired
Answered 3 years ago
why would there be difficulties or dilemmas, if they made the choice? I can see possible problems if you are going to invite them to your home. I would ask if they have any religious, medical, or allergic problems with certain foods or alcohol. Also, if they are on any special kind of diet. If you know they are a recovering alcoholic, do not cook with wine or sherry! If they are noticably overweight, plan something delicious but without calorie-laden sauces, and something light for dessert (or cook with Splenda instead of sugar). If they are diabetic, ask what calorie count they are allowed for the meal, and plan a fresh-fruit compote for dessert! If they are allergic to nuts or shellfish, don't have them. If they are vegitarian, you could plan a meal without meat or chicken - ask if they are allowed eggs or cheese, and have a souffle'! Or, some vegitarians are allowed to have fish. To be safe, just in case some have gallbladder or cholesterol problems, avoid fried foods.Hope this is helpful.
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 3 years ago
Suitable options will take account of:
• Expressed wishes and preferences
• General nutrition principles
• Specific dietary requirements
• Religious, cultural and personal beliefs
• Resources available.

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