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Every Client has a care plan developed. Each department is represented in that care plan. It is the dietician's responsibility (or an appointed assistant) to interview each client and to ask if there are foods that should be avoided due to allergies, dislikes, diet restrictions, religious reasons, etc. so that an appropriate diet can be prepared. If you are one of the people who assist in the diningroom and you notice that a patient is consistently refusing to eat a certain food you might ask why she is not eating it. If you get a reply that is related to the cooking and preparation of the food or dislikes or preferences, it is generally more expedient to notify the dietician directly so she can make needed changes. If the patient is having difficulties swallowing, chewing or other physical problems with eating, it needs to be brought to the medical staff's attention so the patient can be evaluated and treated to avoid other problems like weight loss, choking, aspiration, etc. Hope I have helped you understand the processes a bit better. Good luck and Good health.
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