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Asked by ebruhockley - 3 years ago
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Social factors affect development because the type of people we hang around with will affect how a child or an adolescent develops in terms of character and behavior. If they have positive social influences coming from both dad and mom's side then they will bond with people who are positive and share their same values. Economic factors are also equally important because every child and adult deserve a safe environment that provides all of their needs. If a child most all of is deprived of that then in some cases, they will develop in a negative way. For that reason it is very important to be economically stable when preparing to have a child. Environment determines the traits a child will have when growing up. It can be hereditary traits or, like mentioned before, characteristics. Environment is the most important of all factors when developing so one must be careful in the type of environment they are in and are surrounded by. I hope I helped :)
Source Child Development Class
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