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Asked by evermore13 - 3 years ago
In a model of a toy car, the 1.5-inch diameter steering wheel is representative of an 18-inch steering wheel in a real car. By how many inches would the diameter of the toy’s steering wheel have to increase to be proportional to a 2-foot steering wheel on a real car?

A. 0.17 in.
B. 0.5 in.
C. 1.3 in.
D. 2.0 in.
I believe It's C because 1ft=12in so 1.5ft=18 but theres no answer on here that's 1.5b so I chose C which was closer
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tbrucenyc Level 32 / Recording Engineer retired
Answered 3 years ago
2 feet is 24 inches

X is to 24 as 1.5 is to 18

x/24 = 1.5/18

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From evermore13 3 years ago
Thank You:))im glad I have people to help me on here when I need it
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Xmetalrocker Level 32 / Pirate ;-)
Answered 3 years ago
Why you've been giving all the BA's to friendofsan95. The one that signed up the same time you did hmm probably the same person would be my guess.
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vinginge Level 21 / Ex Rocker with eclectic tastes
Answered 3 years ago
If 1.5 inches is proportional to 18 inches
Then we can say 1½ inches is proportional to 1½ feet.
So, 2 inches is proportional to 2 feet.

As the toy steering wheel originally measured 1½ inches then it needs to increase by ½ inch (to become 2 inches) to be proportional to a full size steering wheel measuring 2 feet in diameter.

So, B is the answer.
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