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Asked by lindyloo64 - 3 years ago
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evermore13 Level 9
Answered 3 years ago
Making choices for most of us is part of our everyday life. It is a fundamental part of us being recognised and respected as an individual. [ Such choices contribute to us having control over our lives and individuals with learning disabilities also have the right to participate in decisions which affect their lives. Our practice should recognise the right of service users to make their own choices. Alongside this, services also need to provide capacity to give their users options. Choosing to 'take it or leave it' is not a real choice. Choice for users is now rightly promoted as a quality standard when care organisations advertise their services and forms part of how they are judged. The vast majority of decisions - and perhaps virtually all choices - can ultimately be tackled by most adults with a learning disability if t right heinformation and options are made accessible to them in terms they can understand. These efforts can involve advocates and other measures to safeguard the choice or decision making and may, for some parties, require considerable time and expertise in communication.
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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 3 years ago
A worker or anyone for that matter should not use personal views to influence an individuals choices because personal views tend to only have an impact on the one making it. [ [ For example, if one person was responsible for deciding for a group of other people if they should wear jeans or other casual types of clothing. The person making the decision maybe against wearing anything else than religious clothing, which in turn influences their decision and causes them to be Bias. Hope this helps
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