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There are significant benefits to creating a productive and friendly relationship with colleagues. First and foremost is job satisfaction. It is unlikely that anyone will have job satisfaction if they are unable to communication on a friendly level with their coworkers, whom they must spend time with on a daily basis. Job satisfaction is often linked to job efficacy and production. If someone is unhappy with their employment they are likely to do a poor job and put less effort into their work, which makes it unlikely for them to move up within their company.
Another benefit is being a team player. Often times jobs require employees to work together at some point or another on important tasks for the company, it is difficult to adequately complete these tasks if the employees are unable to work productively together.
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Sandieweeks Level 21
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The benefits of positive relationships

When you develop a good relationship with, for example, a colleague, you have probably secured yourself an ally should any problems arise. You should also be prepared to provide them with any support or assistance they may require in return. By acknowledging and, where appropriate, rewarding the success of a good relationship, you can help to boost confidence and morale and ensure continuing support from your colleague or employee. Positive relationships can also help to build trust within a team and can ensure that people feel comfortable with airing their concerns or issues without feeling the need to raise the matter with a more senior member of staff.
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