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Asked by noelle123 - 2 years ago
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eve090 Level 34
Answered 2 years ago
If you imagine yourself in that position you may be able to find the answer,
anamene Level 3
Answered 2 years ago
When an individual loses their mobility they tend to lose confidence. They start to think of themselves as someone useless who isn't worth much and their start to have all sorts of pessimistic thoughts. They may not want to go out as much anymore because they feel as if the whole world is pitying them and that causes their self-esteem to go lower. It is very important to let them know they still have some independence. We can help when needed but it is best to let them take control of what they want to do, that way they don't feel depressed. However, take in mind that every person will react to a situation like that differently. While some may accept it, others will be in a hard denial so each action and word said to them must be thought of before saying something that could hurt their self-esteem. Make sure that they don't develop any pessimistic thoughts and most of all don't let them feel worthless, let them know they can still take control over their life. Most importantly, make sure they accept their situation, that way they can feel good and have more control of what happens to them. Hopefully this helped :)
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