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Asked by belinda2308 - 3 years ago
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anamene Level 3
Answered 3 years ago
A value is how much you respect yourself as an individual. If you don't have any values or respect then the people at the work place won't respect you at all causing you or any person to feel uncomfortable and work won't get done because there is no confidence in a way. People tend to decide what they wear, say and do in their work place because of what they believe in. Where they work must be a place where their beliefs are respected, if that isn't the case then a person can't work to their full potential because they feel uncomfortable with their co-workers. Lastly experience will always affect our work practice. We grab what is useful to us and use it in our work area and what doesn't work we then learn from it and then create a better place for us and our co-workers to work at. These three go hand in hand because they show people who we are, what we do and how much we respect them and ourselves most of all. I hoped this helped a little :)
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