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Asked by luiza2012 - 3 years ago
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Understanding that there's a whole new and different world out there will help them become more learned and educated.
Studying about different cultures, their habits, dressing styles, eating habits and value systems will help them take the good points from their systems and become better individuals.
Encouraging cultural diversity in the classroom will help them appreciate their own culture as they will go back to their roots to find out more about where they've come from.
If they ever travel to any other part of the world, adjustment will be minimal because they are used to being with a diverse group of people.
Feelings of superiority, prejudice and bias will be eliminated and therefore they will become world citizens at an early age.
There will be an inclusion of topics that do not revolve around a common theme from the same background. A culturally different group means that there will be diverse topics to discuss. This helps them gain not merely knowledge, but also helps them develop creativity.

it also promotes tolerance
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