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Asked by mfdh55 - 3 years ago
What is your Favorite BBQ food. Anyone have a Special Recipe. Share your Secrets, I Love Steak. I let it soak over night in Bud and whatever spices I can throw in Yummmmy
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Rondo Level 43 / Retired, but still active
Answered 3 years ago
I like freshly caught Haggis, roasted over a spit, washed down with Irn Bru. The only thing better is a brace of Haggis. Scotland, where men are men and sheep are nervous.
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From mfdh55 3 years ago
I hope your are talking about fresh caught and not bought. Fresh Caught has a whole different taste. Kill , Gut , Cook and Eat while standing next to the carcass takes alot of Guts . I have done similar in the wild, got to have an Irn Bru to wash it with enhances the Experience HAGD EH!
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ynes Level 51
Answered 3 years ago
I marinate my steak in soy sauce, Worcester, garlic, and a touch of ginger.
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scott1928 Level 37 / Minister
Answered 3 years ago
Sonny's Barbecue chicken.
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papade Level 46
Answered 3 years ago
let me start by saying i am not a big fan of marinades. i am the dry rub kind of guy. i would never put a good steak in a bag of flavoring to make it taste
good. steak should taste like steak. now if you were talking about a try tip
than i would use wishbone robusto Italian salad dressing.

so what do i put on the BBQ?
steak. (rib eye or new york cut) porter house is good but it is never on sale.
chicken. (legs or skinless boneless breasts).
the chicken breasts cooked with KC Masterpiece original BBQ sauce is quick
cooking and make for some great sandwiches.
the legs i like to pre-cook in the oven and finish with the BBQ sauce on the grill. don't ever feed a kid a chicken leg with pink close to the bone.
they will never let you forget it. (o:
no ribs. they are best slow cooked in the oven for 3 hours and finished under the broiler. falling off the bone tinder. yum.
no beans. they always fall through the grill. i hate it when that happens.
corn on the cob.
peel back the husk. remove silk. tie the husk back on and soak in water.
place on grill when ready to cook. this will steam the corn in the husk.
well that is a start.
i remember once when the power went out and i made up a tray of enchiladas. i had to use my BBQ to cook them. i guess this just shows that you can pretty much cook anything on the BBQ if you have the inclination to do so. hum. i wonder if i could do a roast that way?
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morrie Level 52
Answered 3 years ago
I have a great skirt steak recipe where I marinate the steak in olive oil, white wine vinegar, garlic, lime and cilantro. After four hours in the fridge, that steak is butter tender. Slap it on the grill, two minutes on each side, and it just melts in your mouth.

I also do a mean cajun seasoned salmon. I drege salmon in a bit of flour and cajun seasoning and grill it on a hickory plant. Yummy!

I also like to put a rub on pork ribs and let them cook on low in my crock pot for about 8 hours. Then I pop them on the grill and baste them with a little Sweet Baby Ray's for butter tender, yummy ribs.

I also grill corn on the cob on the grill. I baste them with chili lime butter. The kernals blacken a bit, but it just caramelizes them and makes them soooo sweet.

I also have a cold sweet potato salad that is so good. Slice the sweet potato into 1/2 inch slices, coat them with olive oil and a little sea salt and pepper, and pop them in the broiler. Flip them as each side browns, and allow them to reach room temperature. Slice a red onion into paper thin slices and chop up some cilantrao to serve with them. Drizzle a little olive oil over them before serving. I use a lime infused olive oil.
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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 3 years ago
Thick sirloin and I put natures seasoning on everything.
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joensf Level 83
Answered 3 years ago
brisket, cheeseburgers, and some oven browned potatoes or potato salad (i like potato salad with olives, ham or bacon, lots of celery, hot sauce, peppers, all kinds of things)
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Iloverocks Level 24
Answered 3 years ago
Around here, everyone goes nuts for Brooks' BBQ. They come to your town and BBQ out on huge grills and the smell fills the whole town until you're mad with longing! Here's their site, but I couldn't find a detailed recipe. I know my friend has the recipe and the key is in the butter they use to baste it. OMG!

At home, I like anything Hickory or traditional. But I love this Jack Daniels BBQ marinade / BBQ sauce. It's out of this world. I know, I know.. ya'll make your own. Well in my book, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. :0)
Dude, that is the BOMB!
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