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Asked by Gumboy - 3 years ago
appearances this year, like say peeping frogs?
Will 2012 be an "odd year" ahead ya think?

Cherry fest news here if interested!...
Additional Details added 3 years ago
Ooh look! New issue USPS postage stamp with dyptich design, set for 3/24th!...
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joensf Level 83
Answered 3 years ago
i love the DC cherry blossoms you can't see much of it on the clip but look at them floating on the water. if you go at the right time, cherry blossom petals fall like snow all around you. it's a wonderful experience.

the Midwest heatwave and mild winter may cause problems later this year due to increased insect populations.
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From Gumboy 3 years ago
Thanks & nice vid!
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Shebot Level 36
Answered 3 years ago
It does appear to be blossoming early. That is in comparison with mine. Mine is budding, as is my Blueberry blush which is quite early too.
Tulips and the like are just about right for this time of year. We have bees doing their thang already. Plus while doing some landscaping I found a bunch of Ladybirds in the soil which I was a bit upset about since I thought I had woken them early while the numbers have been low in recent years. Turns out however that they were some early risers that I didn't have a hand in awaking, so the others must have just been having a lay-in. I guess the weren't too keen on the foggy mornings :)
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ynes Level 51
Answered 3 years ago
My world is beautiful right now! My daffodils are all in bloom (I have hundreds!) and my hyacinth perfume the air around all of my doors. My primrose are also blooming. The neighbors' cherry trees are in bloom and it makes me happy to go outside! I have brought my children to see the cherry blossoms every year for more than 20 years - I love them! We have seen them in the cold, rain, sun, and one year they were very close to flooded. We go during the day or at night. My friends and I will walk all around the blooming places the weekend of the 23rd.
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morrie Level 52
Answered 3 years ago
I've never been to DC during the cherry tree time, but I'll bet that Ynes is enjoying the show! The peepers have been going crazy over the past week here. We've had record breaking temperatures in the upper 70's and 80's. It's like June now, and I only hope that it doesn't get too cold again before April. No leaves on the trees yet, but I can see the buds going crazy. I know that this weather streak is a fluke, but I'm really enjoying it.
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