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Asked by tich77 - 2 years ago
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labarca Level 66
Answered 2 years ago
It helps in preventing cross contamination.
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Rookiegirl Level 12 / Mom & Student
Answered 2 years ago
Go labarca! Germs, germs, germs (bacterial pathogens) spread from one place to the next. Clean with antibacterial appropriate to situation between each step. If you don't like the idea of standard cleaners around food, use the products produced by Method. They are natural and they work.

Here's a good home example: You decide to fix chicken for dinner. So, you open the chicken package on the counter (contact with package on counter that other people wrapped or picked up), take chicken out of package and wash it in the sink, throwing away the wrapper;(your hands still have touched both package and rinsed chicken); lay chicken on contaminated counter to trim & prepare it;(another cross-contamination) and just so you know raw chicken is engulfed in bacteria; then you quickly wipe counter with a sponge that you rinse and throw back on the sink(wow you're really spreading the pathogens at this point), and prepare your chicken dish and put in oven to cook it; you rinse, but don't disinfect your hands and dry them on a dishtowel leaving it damp and hanging so that anyone who uses it is spreading some bacteria around.

So, basically at this point you have pretty much covered your sink, counter, hands, towel, sponge, trash can lid, cooking dish, and utensils with virulant pathogens contained in raw chicken. The reason all recipes say to cook chicken until it is totally done is because of the nasty bacteria in raw chicken that can make people really sick.
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