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Codes of Practice
Codes of Practice set out the criteria against
which providers are assessed by. They also
describe the standards of conduct and practice
with which workers must carry out their
activities and ensure that what they do is
competent and consistent with the values of
their employer. These standards are how
registrants’ ‘fi tness to practice’ is determined.
For a care worker to work in a certain
profession, they have to register with their
particular Professional Council and then work
to the Codes of Practice which they deem fi t. Not
following their Code of Practice could result in
them being taken of the register and no longer
allowed to work in that role.
Codes of Practice are specifi c to work roles:
■ Codes of Practice for Social Care Workers
and Employers: General Social Care Council
■ Codes or Standards of conduct,
performance and ethics for nurses & midwives:
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