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Asked by sarahbeth - 3 years ago
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labarca Level 69
Answered 3 years ago
I would say it moves it towards a more neutral PH.
How much it changes would depend on the amounts.
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Gumboy Level 55 / fun guy
Answered 3 years ago
Adding water to acids, dilutes them.
Add ing 1 part water to 1 part pH2 acid, dilutes the acid to 1/2 its
H+, in free protons. Acids give extra protons.
Also each step you go in pH is 10x stronger/weaker.
A pH of 2 is H+ = 10,000; while a pH of 3 is H+=1000.
So 10,000/2 [after diluting by 1 part water] gives H+= 5000.
That is still within the pH2 acidic area, but is weaker in acidity than
before; yet is still stronger(more acidic) than pH of 3.
See table >>
Additional Details added 3 years ago
Answer: adding water to acid solution raises its pH.
Additional Details added 3 years ago
pH2 = 100,000 not 10,000 H+, sorry.
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