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Asked by astorm - 2 years ago
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shadowspyro99 Level 4
Answered 2 years ago
Setting your security code is the easy part. The problem is, most people forget their Straight Talk phone security code. Enter the code you remember setting. If this doesn't work, you are probably entering the wrong code.<br />
Enter the following if you have forgotten your Straight Talk security
1. The last four digits of your Social Security number.<br />
2. The last four digits of your phone number.<br />
3. According to Straight Talk Customer Service, four straight digits sometimes work, such as 0000, or 1111.<br />
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3Call Straight Talk Customer Service if none of the codes work. The number is 1-877-430-CELL (2355). If your cell phone is your only means of verbal communication, you can email Straight Talk Customer Service at with the question of how to unlock your phone.
Write down your new security code where no one but you can find it. Better yet, pick a code that you will remember, but no one else can guess.
Enter your new security code to unlock your Straight Talk cell phone.
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praba007 Level 1
Answered 2 years ago
You an just go and visit some unlocking service providers site where they are providing the service for free like
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