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stereotyping is something that signifies a particular race or group of people through common perception. for example you go to school and you notice the majority of the ones making tons of rackets are black so you assume blacks are loud, also first impressions are hard to shake odd.

Labeling theory

The theory is concerned with how the self-identity and behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It is associated with the concepts of self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotyping.

Prejudice is an immediate by-product of social stereotyping. Prejudiced behaviour leads to discrimination in the workplace which is less than favourable. The labelling of people at work is a way in which we categorise chunks of information. The less familiar the information and the more complicated it is to disseminate, the more we are prone to assigning a 'general' label to it.
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What are the effects of stereotyping, inequality, labelling and discrimination can have on children?

1. they won't be able to appreciate others.
2. they won't be able to appreciate themselves.
3. they will be intolerant of anything that goes outside the norm and thus will remain ignorant.
4. it'll be more difficult for them to do well in school because they will experience perpetual discomfort depending on where they go to school, what they are being taught and who teaches them.
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5. For those being labeled they will undergo the self-fulfilling prophecy and never be able to get beyond others' perception of them and will naturalize and internalize said perceptions.
6. It'll be harder to change these things when they get older and they will be confused and alienated by the contradictions that are bound to develop when they realize that what they have internalized about themselves and about other people does not accord with the way the world actualy works
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