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An infection is more likely to occur when a person has a low immunity or is on long term antibiotic therapy. Poor hygiene when treating wounds or dealing with personal care can aid the transmission of infection.

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Some of the factors that make it more likely that an infection will occur include proximity to others (either infected or uninfected people), dirty and/or contaminated areas, equipment or laundry, and contact with body fluids.

How Infections Start and Spread

Infections are started by tiny bacterial or viral microorganisms that have somehow found their way into your body. Most likely it came from an open sore or incision made by surgery. When these microorganisms get into your bloodstream or body, they find cells to attach to. This happens with a lock-and-key type of connection that occurs between the surfaces of the infectious microorganisms and your cells.
Once there is a connection, an infection can start via multiplication. For the infection to continue, the microorganisms produce at a faster rate than the body's immune system can handle or it produces at a static rate that makes an infection chronic. If your body is able to, it can fight off the infections on its own and keep them from spreading.

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