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Asked by Gumboy - 2 years ago
With impending nyc ban on sugary hi-carbs soda pop sales, how far should
this go? Evidence that smoking is not generally banned and is even worse, right?
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Latest read on this King Bloomberg's latest me-god-gimmick! ...
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Pictures Mayor Bloomberg avidly posing with his favorite soft drinks...
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remingtonhawk13 Level 7 / Professional Awesome person
Answered 2 years ago
sorry this is random but mmmmmmm soda pop
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Be random have fun
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From Gumboy 2 years ago
unbelievably rh/13 has hit this square on the nose -
& dont chu try it again - yah hea'!
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 2 years ago
Just more Nanny State BS.
If they want to ban something harmful to the public, they should start with the city's water supply. Or drivers. Or politicians.
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morrie Level 52
Answered 2 years ago
The government is trying to look good to the consumer. The fact is that the ban will not make a bit of difference. Unless you can convince or force the consumer to realize that sugar and high carbohydrate consumption is detrimental to one's health, and that pop can literally rot your teeth (look up Mountain Dew's effect on teeth in Appalachia), nothing will change.

Sure, the concerned and informed consumer that actually cares, will hopefully make better choices, but this will have little effect.
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mfdh55 Level 28 / Security System Analysist
Answered 2 years ago
Well, I guess Soda is the next thing that will have major taxes. You guys can't hit smoking anymore you just went up $1.00/pack. Gotto hush that one up and move the big bad one too soda and soon since it won't work they will tax the hell out of soda. That is what the Canadian excuse is raise the taxes high enough so you will not be able too buy as much anymore. Canada has been onto this for decades now and make a great tax dollar off of it so bide your time and sodl will go up in price. Yes it is true too much soda is bad for you but then again too much of anything is bad for you. The only thing that is not bad for you is money and the Governments will make sure that no ordinary person has too much of an excess of that. At the moment I stopped my soda consumption and now drink flavored Water. I wonder if there is something taxable on that I will let you know HAGD!EH!
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BubbaMex Level 13 / Professional Retiree
Answered 2 years ago
When guns are deemed public health hazards, then I will have respect for our legislators.

Cokes health hazards? Not unless you mixed them with rum. That removes any potential toxins from the liquid. (That's what I tell my wife - she still doesn't believe me. God knows I've run the experiment over and over).
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