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Asked by crissy90 - 2 years ago
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ynes Level 51
Answered 2 years ago
Actually, this is my business. Kids tell me secrets all the time. I tell them all when they start: You are a kid. Some secrets I will keep for you, some I will have to tell others so that your life will be better. I will do what is in your best interest, whether you think it is or not. The reason you are telling me this is you want something to be done about it, and you don't have the resources to do it yourself. I will help you.

I say this to kids from 7 through high school. It works every time. In twelve years I have reported many things to appropriate authorities and it has worked out well for the child every time. Sometimes the child's view is accurate, sometimes it is not. Discuss things you have questions about with colleagues who have been doing this for a long time. This is a case where experience is invaluable.

Good luck.
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 2 years ago
Because, as a responsible adult, you may not be able to keep that promise.
For instance, suppose I tell a child I will keep their secret, then the secret turns out to be that they are being abused by someone. I can't possibly keep THAT secret.
We're always told not to make promises we can't keep. There is a very good chance that promising a child you will keep their secret will be a promise you can't keep.
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