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Asked by kirandrubhra - 2 years ago
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Rookiegirl Level 12 / Mom & Student
Answered 2 years ago
Children learn basic life skills through observation of adults. Frequently, they will mimic a behavior that they have observed to see if the result will be validated in their situation. Demonstrating a positive attitude along with showing how to reframe a challenge is needed to begin teaching critical thinking skills. The way in which an adult or authority figure demonstrates socially appropriate behavior is important. Manners like saying "please and thankyou" showing respect for authority, following rules, telling the truth, sharing, and eating manners are also important to display so children can watch and learn. Demonstrating kindness and empathy are other behaviors to demonstrate. Letting children see that actions have consequences (consequences cannot be harmful to the child) is important as they learn impulse control and thinking before acting.

The old saying " Do as I say, not as I do." has no credibility.
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