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Richard Level 74 / Retired Dentist
Answered 1 year ago
Ben Franklin was asked by a woman "What type of government do we have?" as he left the ratification of the Constitution. His reply was "A Republic Ma'am ... if you can keep it!"

Upon it's ratification, the Constitution of the United States of America established the United States as a Constitutional Republic.

Despite popular belief and what many people may believe, the United States is not now and never was a Democracy. It is acceptable to call it that, however.

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joensf Level 75
Answered 1 year ago
Constitution-based federal republic; strong democratic tradition

The United States is a federal republic, while the former Soviet Union was a socialist republic. However self-identification is not objective, and as Kopstein and Lichbach argue, defining regimes can be tricky.[7] For example, elections are a defining characteristic of a democracy, but in practice elections in the former Soviet Union were not "free and fair" and took place in a single party state. Thus in many practical classifications it would not be considered democratic.

Representative Democracy
VelvetB Level 5 / Legal
Answered 1 year ago
The Unites States Government is a Democracy which consists of three branches:

The Executive Branch (The Executive Authority of The President of The United States including The Vice President, and all offices of The Presidential Cabinet)

The Judicial Branch (The Judicial Authority of The United States Supreme Court)

The Legislative Branch (The Legislative Authority of The United States Congress)
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