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Asked by linia - 2 years ago
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Rookiegirl Level 12 / Mom & Student
Answered 2 years ago
Not trying to be short in the answer to your question, but why would health be an issue or why would social services be required if it were not for the core "people" who require these and other services. If the approach were to be purely logical, the almighty dollar would undoubtedly be the deciding factor on how to structure and deliver services. If the approach was dictatorial, everyone would get the same types or levels of care. Would that be appropriate? Does someone with cancer require the same services as someone with mental health issues? Does an unemployed person living on the streets require the same care plan as a multimillionaire with everything available because of $$$$?

Our Earth is populated by people/persons. The trick is to discover what values are important to the group you are working with. Ethiopians might be more concerned with health care for aids and being able to obtain clean H20 than President Obama. You must discover the value system, then meet it within the scope of what is available.
mel27 Level 1
Answered 2 years ago
the aspects of health and social care work is important because the care value base able the care settings to meet the need of all the clients. if they did not exist in a care settings then the client/ individual would not reach their full potential. the care value base sets out rules and guidance for every practicioner to follow in order to provide service to an individual. 7 priciples are:
*promoting anti-discriminatory practice;
*maintainig confidentiality of information;
*promoting and suuporting individuals right to dignity, independence, choice and safety;
*acknowledge of people personal beliefs and identities;
*protecting individuals from abuse;
*providind effective communications and relationship;
*providing individualised care

Hope that will help
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