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Asked by alyson62 - 1 year ago
explain how legislation and codes of practice relating to equality and diversity and discrimination apply to a role of a carer
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Gumboy Level 54 / hibernation
Answered 1 year ago
legislation (law) ideally applies equal principles to equality according
to constitution and bill of rights at the federal level to see that diversity
(differences) does not mean discrimination (unfair decisions) in regards
to age,sex, background, race or heritage, religion or politics and
for all other public areas/facilities in a nation; ares of concern have been
the school, the work place, the armed services, the hood - whatever
and where ever. Legislation and civil case law creates fair practices
codes to oversee those areas impacted by changing demographics
and needs of a society to treat all citizens and visitors fairly and with
decency and respect or else you're out'a here baby!
Additional Details added 1 year ago
Question has addendum regarding playing off equality and
anti-discrimination laws and code of practice regarding
one's career, which I assume to mean your career and/
or educational opportunities?
Yes these civil laws will apply in those spheres of activity for any citizen in good legal standing as well. There are the courts
and associations such as the ACLU to see that your rights
are activated when they need to be.
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