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Asked by nenagrz2012 - 2 years ago
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CurtisJennifer Level 15
Answered 2 years ago
All depends on the quality of the newspaper.
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scott1928 Level 37 / Minister
Answered 2 years ago
Museums probably have enough newspapers of that specific date, dealing with the attack on Pearl Harbor; thus, I doubt that you could sell it to any of them. I would suggest that you take the newspaper to one of those Antiques Roadshows that have dealers who give estimates as to what specific collectibles are worth.
Gumboy Level 55 / fun guy
Answered 2 years ago
A very common Faked issue....

"Honolulu Star-Bulletin, December 7, 1941,
" ' War! Oahu Bombed By Japanese Planes' " (headlines)
One of the most famous newspapers of World War II, the first extra of
the Honolulu Star-Bulletin of December 7, 1941, reports the sneak
attack at Pearl Harbor. A complete edition in excellent condition could
top the $1,500 mark. Reprints abound for this coveted issue, including ones made during the war and taken home as souvenirs by American servicemen."

H. Star-Bulletin (1912- 2010 merged to form the Star-Advertiser):
Wikipedia has...
"December 7, 1941: On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the
Star-Bulletin published its most famous extra, as Editor Riley Allen
and staff scrambled to print the first paper in the world with news of the assault. Extras were being sold on the street within three hours."
Also See.....
Shows front page of that issue. Caveat: there are reprints and fakes
of it!
"Note that on the original newspaper of this date there is a large printing smudge between the "A" and "R" in "WAR!" on the frontpage, and
another, irregular smudge at the upper nameplate area."
fyi: No one on that site knew. This shows why Askpedia is better! 8))))

Hope this helps!
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