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Asked by chanel45 - 2 years ago
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joensf Level 82
Answered 2 years ago
Weegy: That would make the essay very confusing what is the point what are you trying to get at staying on topic is very important when conveying a message to the reader

T he main topic sentence is usually the first sentence or statement in the introduction paragraph of an essay. In essence, the main topic sentence is the door by which the writer opens up a topic to the reader and delineates it in the essay later. [ Also, the term of thesis statement is frequently used, usually by academia, as an equivalent of the main topic sentence. A topic is defined as an idea we understand the meaning of, or, in so many words, topic and idea are interchangeable terms. If you have an idea you want to write on then you have a topic, and you must write your topic in a complete sentence in order to turn it into a main topic sentence and, at least, write one complete sentence. For example, nice weather, healthy diet, charity for the poor are all topics for which main topic sentence examples are given below. 1) The weather is nice today. 2) I like to eat healthy. 3) Charity for the poor works to the interest of society. The first example, "The weather is nice today.", is a complete sentence representing the main topic: nice weather. As simple as this idea of weather quality, the main topic sentence implicates what ideas will follow it next. After reading this main topic sentence, the reader would expect to see the qualities of "a nice weather" in the essay, for example, such as "warm" and "sunny" instead of "cold" or "rainy", because the ideas of being warm and sunny support the main topic. In contrast, imagine that after the main topic sentence of the weather is nice today, the following supporting sentence is "because it is cold and rainy", which contradicts the main topic sentence.
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Although this is an exaggerated example for not sticking to the point, it is one of the most common writing mistakes people make. So make sure your sentences following the main topic sentence will support and discuss the main topic. ]

The reaction of a reader if the topic sentences in an essay did not align with the supporting points, would be confusion and lack of interest.

I would also think the person was a poor writer and could not stay on topic.
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faxman Level 31
Answered 2 months ago
There should really be only one topic sentence in an essay that includes the main idea of the essay. Any sentence that doesn't -as you said- align with the essay's main idea should be omitted.
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