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The most effective way for a service provider to challenge discriminatory practice in adult social care settings is to be educated about the regulations that govern the care, be aware and report situations that are discriminatory to your team leader or group manager. There is not a specific step by step process where you fill out a piece of paper and the discrimination evaporates. What is important to remember is that the model for adults social care is based on the needs of the individual matched with the services that will most closely meet those needs. The care is patient centered, but team driven. Education is probably the best weapon to have in cases of discrimination in addition to sharing information with the team to find a solution to the problem causing discrimination.

Listed below are either ideas that a care provider needs to understand and actions that can be taken to minimize the likelihood of discriminatory action. In addition, follow the job description for your area of service and communicate any concerns in a positive, resolution-oriented manner to your team.

• define ‘positive ageing’ and the contribution that
older people make to society;
• discuss ageism, and the stereotypes and labels that
are associated with ageing and old age;
• demonstrate an understanding of the importance of
dignity and respect for many older patients;
• recognize the possible signs of abuse or neglect, so
that concerns can be raised to ensure the safety and
empowerment of vulnerable adults;
• identify best practice and opportunities to achieve
person-centred care in both community and hospital
• reflect on your own practice and the standards of care
provided within your practice setting, and establish
actions that you can take to ensure that patients are
treated with dignity and respect, and receive care that
is person centered.
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