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Asked by Jess - 7 years ago
I've seen people make a rose out of straw, is there a website that tells me how? Thanks!
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 7 years ago
1. Lay straw across loom from bottom to top. You can also use yarn or any other fabric type material that will bend nicely around spokes.
2. Bring straw back to bottom of loom. Moving straw from left to right behind spoke. Then wrap the next spoke on the bottom left moving straw from right to left behind spoke.
3. Moving to next spoke at the top right wrap straw around it and go back down to bottom. This time you wrap the spoke to the left of the last one you did on the bottom.
4. Repeat last step all the way around
5. You will finish wrapping your straw to the left and on the opposite side of the loom from the first wrap. The two tails should be next to each other. If you are using yarn or something like that you can go around the spokes 1 or two more times to have a petal with 24 or 36 petals instead of 12 like one row has. If you do this make sure to fluff flower at the end and separate the petals they tend to get stuck together.
6. Have needle threaded with pearl cotton ahead of time and make sure your needle is longer than your loom is wide.
7. Pass needle under all the straw.
8. Tie pearl cotton in knot. You are looking at the back of your work and are working from the back knots won't show on front when completed.
9. Pass needle from right to left under 3 petals of flower.
10. Bring needle up and go back under last two petals and pick up one new one to the left of the last petal from the previous round. You will be rotating the flower in a clockwise direction with each pass of the needle.
11. Continue this till you have 3 completed rounds of pearl cotton forming your center of your flowers and holding everything together .
12. Finish thread by weaving it in and out of the pearl cotton do this about 5 times in different spots on the back. I like to do mine in the space between each set of petals and work my way around to each space.
13. Cut straw and pearl cotton. You can make it more secure by using fray check or something like that.
14. If using fray check let it dry. You can also do this step off the loom.
15. Remove from loom and sew onto desired item. You can also see this same technique using double sided satin ribbon here.
Or plant a rose seed in the ground and use the straw as fertilizer. lol.
I suppose you can call this any flower you like.
I really couldn't find a website for making straw roses.
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