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Asked by eve090 - 2 years ago
Additional Details added 2 years ago
ha ha bondary or sunkren fence
ginglyfor hingeshaped
epopt a beholder
eoan pertaining to the dawn Eastern
bufflehead a fool or blockhead
odoom west African Timber
These are the answers in the book I used
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demon Level 47 / DEMON
Answered 2 years ago
Babbling, Double Dutch, Gobbledygook, Mumbo jumbo Nonsense to this Demon !!!

...Hehe !!!
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From eve090 2 years ago
No-one got them all right so you win for good words! :))
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Rookiegirl Level 12 / Mom & Student
Answered 2 years ago
ha-ha: sound imitating laughter that can either express amusement or derision

ginglyform: related to or resembling a hinge joint; medical term; example is the elbow

epopt: an initiate in the Elusian (evasion/deception) mysteries; instructed in the mysteries of a secret system

eoan: obscure word meaning pertaing to the dawn; most often used in scientific connotation

bufflehead: small north american diving duck

idiom: (odoom isn't a word) an expression that means something other than the literal meanings of its individual words
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Shebot Level 36
Answered 2 years ago
Sounds like something my son comes out with. Or at least he used to. Kids grow up really fast!
It's gibberish to me.
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cute2 Level 17 / Just Being Me
Answered 2 years ago
I'll throw a guess in there as to that the ha-ha refers to a form of trench used in landscaping and the bufflehead is a type of duck and maybe a puzzling or big-headed person? O.o Can't began to guess at the others haha..
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joensf Level 80
Answered 2 years ago
not a clue, should i be questioning my vocabulary skills?
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mfdh55 Level 28 / Security System Analysist
Answered 2 years ago
haha some crazy phrases ya's gots da' dey gots'ta be cockney
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papade Level 45
Answered 2 years ago
i can guess can't i?

ha ha,, something you would see a cat with a helmet on his head repeating over and over. maybe to much. ha ha..

ginglyfor. i wan guessing something like gangly or skinny.

eoan. a person from another era or eon. eoan.

bufflehead. a jock with the crew cut.

odoom. alas young maiden. the end is nay. odoom is me. (o:

and did you know out of these four words, minus the ha ha. not one was picked up by my spell check.
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Hecate Level 46
Answered 2 years ago
I have had a guess - not heard of any of them ;-)

ha-ha - a wall to ensure an uninterrupted view

ginglyfor - a hinge or joint

epopt - an initiate in the Eleusinian Mysteries;

eoan - meaning 'dawn'.

bufflehead - smallest diving duck in North America,

odoom - this ones got me beat - could be a Dr of pediatric medicine.

Don't think I have done very well.
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