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Listen when someone else is talking

Don’t interrupt

No finger pointing (the in your face kind

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Be intelligent and wise. There's pretty much no way a closed-minded person can work his/her way up the ranks to gain the respect of others.

Don't be disrespectful of others and their property, hence the saying: Treat others the way you want to be treated. See below for specific do's and don’ts
Don't be annoying. Being a classroom pest is no way to get others to respect you. In fact, such people often get criticized and gossiped on, so please, don't be that person!
Be an active participant in classes. This a no-brainer, since if you are participating, you are letting your voice be heard in front of your whole class. Of course, participating is easy for most, but getting the right answer is also extremely important, so don't raise your hand without a logical answer first; raising your hand and finding yourself at a loss for words is quite embarrassing.
Do not ask too many questions. Well, avoid asking too many questions in front of the entire class. Instead, jot down your questions and save them for the end of the period before approaching the teacher and asking. If you have an intelligent question, one that isn't illogical or will leave your classmates somewhat confused, go ahead and ask it in front of the class, but don't sound like a show off while doing it.
Help others out when they need it, if they need it. Don't make them feel weak, though.
Be modest. No one likes show-offs, especially if they do it all the time. If you want to brag about something, don't do it for long, and say it the non-smart-aleck way.
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Learn to speak well. Not many will learn to like you if you are too quiet or say the most boring things. Learn what to talk about by watching the news, looking up cool articles on the internet, or read Popular Science or Wired for the latest breakthroughs in technology and science. Just don't talk about the weather!
Accept compliments graciously. After people see you are a smart girl or guy, chances are that they will compliment you. Learn to return compliments and if you can't find anything good to say back, just say "thanks" or speak modestly about yourself.
Do not attack or offend others (verbally, physically, etc). Try to stick on the mature side when someone attacks or offends you. Nod and take in their responces, often replying with "okay"; it bothers them more because they expect you to fight back. Stand up for yourself when needed, but DO NOT go down to their level.
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Accept some criticism. Having power in a community means accepting criticism, so if you only have a handful of critics, don’t take it too seriously unless it starts to affect your reputation.
Try your best to be extraordinary, and rise up above the others. Unfortunately, this is different for all schools, so just keep this in mind... Go above and beyond.
Do not ask your peers what they got on assessments if they don't want to share it with you. It's just plain obtrusive and rude, and it makes you look bad. If they want to compare notes, then by all means, it's fine! Also, if others ask you, then it’s totally up to you whether you want to tell. Sharing test scores with good friends is totally okay though.
Think twice before doing anything you don’t usually do. Think about how others will react to your actions (don’t overdo it; just when you are unsure).
Trust your instinct for everything else.
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Be The Bigger Person. If someone attacks or threatens you, be mature and handle the situation in a respectible manner. Self defence is a last resort if things get out of hand, but more people respect adult behavior, rather than immature child behavior.
Don't be nosy. If you don't hear what somebody was telling someone, don't go and ask what happened. That is just annoying.
Be an open person to new ideas. Be someone who people can come to and feel like they are being listened to.
Have a loud, commanding voice. You don't need to yell, just sound confident when you talk. Nobody is going to respect a guy/girl with a tiny voice.
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