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Asked by chanchan1982 - 2 years ago
Unit 80
1.3 Explain how and why policies and procedures or agreed ways of working must reflect and incorporate legislative requirements
6.1 Explain the importance of the following principles in the use of medication
-self-medication or active practicipation
-dignity and privacy
6.2 Explain how risk-assessment can be use to promote an individual's independence in managing medication
6.3 descirbe how ethical issues that may arise over the use of medication can be addressed
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morrie Level 52
Answered 2 years ago
That sounds like your entire assignment. That's far too much information to research and give you in one answer. Don't you have that information in your coursework? We have an NVQ instructor on this site, and from what he's said to other NVQ users, you should be able to do this from the coursework at your level. Level 3 indicates that you should be pretty close to finishing up and being able to do this on your own sometime soon.

According to this link, there are FREE ebook downloads that should be able to supplement your training. I'm pretty sure your instructor goes over all of this. I don't think you are supposed to divine these answers out of thin air. I have seen your unit outline, and since there are books that pertain to each unit, I think you'll find your answer there.
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