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Asked by humera - 1 year ago
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labarca Level 66
Answered 1 year ago
Your own role is what they are looking for, not ours.
But, for the record, I have no role.
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papade Level 45
Answered 1 year ago
this is a canned answer from a few different sources that i looked at. seems like everyone is copying the same answer. (o:

Are there any parts of your caring role that have any effects on the provision of services by other people. [ For example, are you paid to much or does your employer get good value for money from you? Is there anything you could do to improve this situation? Do you manage others, and do you get good value for money from them? Does your behaviour in your role assist and encourage the provision of services by others, or are you required to do anything that undermines the possible contribution of other people?

if you want to confirm the answer than maybe you could reed the book to find out? good luck. (o:
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