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Asked by purvapardeshi - 1 year ago
affect on our life style if oil supplies get exhaustd
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rredrick Level 48 / retired
Answered 1 year ago
The horse population will increase. You will walk, ride a horse, or drive a buggy. Coal will come back as the #1 heating methods and also for power for the factories. Fresh fruit and vegetables will be hard to come by unless you grow them yourself. We will have to go back to coal driven steam locomotives for hauling freight. Think of the early 1800 hundreds life style and you got it to a tee.
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onlinetutor Level 12 / teacher/tutor
Answered 1 year ago
According to the Edexcel GCSE exam course book, we still have approximately 50 years left of oil on earth, but that is assuming that we do not find new supplies, which is quite likely. We have approximately the same supply of natural gas. However, our supply of coal is a lot larger and could last well over 1000 years. It is assumed that in the future, we will be able to use coal somehow as a substitute for oil, as both are fossil fuels. Of course, this is just prolonging the time when we will run out completely, as fossil fuels were formed over millions of years, and we are using them up at a much, much quicker rate. However, I would like to think that, given the time we do have before they run out, we will be able to develop the use of other energy sources that will provide for our needs. It looks as if, at the moment, the next feasible alternative that would provide enough energy for demand would be nuclear power. Of course, this has huge disadvantages also, relating to radioactive waste and nuclear disasters, such as the one that occurred at Chernobyl. Clearly, the best option is to develop renewable sources.
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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 1 year ago
Back to the good old days of horse and buggy and bicycles.
kattmanndawg Level 26 / Here's My 2ยข Worth..
Answered 1 year ago
I think alternate energies such as solar power would suddenly grow in popularity along with the same carpet baggers who would try to scam the naive. wind power to run your home would have mini turbines in every back yard just as there was TV antennas on every rooftop in the fifties and sixties.. We wouldn't go down hill nor turn into a third world country, what would happen is we would once again use our intellect and come up with better ideas to sustain our way of life instead of this continual stagnation that easy living has placed on us.
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