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This has been asked a few times. Just scroll down page for the
other answers.
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see related questions below

Older people who are most at risk of abuse at home include:
those who are isolated and don't have much contact with friends, family or neighbours,
people with memory problems or difficulty communicating with others,
people who don't get on with their carer,
those whose carer is addicted to drugs or alcohol, or
people whose carer depends on them for a home and financial and emotional support.
Other vulnerable adults include people who are open to abuse because of learning difficulties, physical disabilities or mental illness.
Becoming dependant on someone else, whether a carer, family member, friend or professional health worker (such as a staff member in a residential or nursing home or hospital), can put vulnerable people at risk of abuse. Abusers may create a feeling of dependency and may also make the vulnerable person feel isolated, that nobody else cares for them and that they’re on their own.
Broadly speaking, a vulnerable adult is aged 18 or over, receives or may need community care services because of a disability, age or illness, and who is or may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation.
If you're worried that someone you know is vulnerable and may be being abused, see the section below called What to do and who to contact.
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Old People
Sick people
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