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Asked by Jess - 7 years ago
There is no tumble dry option on my dryer, so what does it mean to tumble dry an item? For example, tumble dry low. Thank you!
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naybody Level 3
Answered 7 years ago
This site has is a great reference for figuring out what all those symbols on clothing tags mean:

When it says tumble dry low, that just means put it in a dry that rotates (pretty much any dryer made is the past decade). Low is just the heat setting. Some items might say tumble dry high- meaning to put it at high heat. Low drying makes it less likely that your clothing will shrink (good for jeans too).
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Nobby21 Level 5
Answered 7 years ago
Tumble Dry is not normally an option, Tumble Dry is what all "tumble" driers do. The drum tumbles the clothes gently letting the warm air circulate through and around the clothes. As for "low tumble dry" It must mean low heat for delicate clothes and such like.
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