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Asked by mozell51 - 1 year ago
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papade Level 46
Answered 1 year ago
there is a lot of variables to selecting a bioindicator. if i was to make a wide sweeping statement on one single entity? than i would say
the species in that ecosystem that is the most moderate.

here is something to read on the subject.

What Makes a Good Bioindicator?

Considering the 1.7 million species that currently documented on Earth, how do we chose just one as a bioindicator? The answer is simple: No single species can adequately indicate every type of disturbance or stress in all environments. Depending upon the specific environment, the species present, and local disturbances, appropriate bioindicator species or groups of species need to be selected. Ecologists have established a broad set of criteria that species must exhibit to be considered good bioindicators (see Table 1).
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rredrick Level 48 / retired
Answered 1 year ago
There is no universal bioindicator. Different bioindicators are use to make a studies on many different things in many different ecosystems. Bioindicators could be single celled organisms all the way up the chain plants through mammals. What you are seeking to detect would depend on the type of bioindicator you would use.

If your question refers to a certain thing then please add details.
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tench11 Level 14
Answered 1 year ago
Currently frogs , with their sensitive skin are being used as a prime indicator of pollution and/ or disease across the US. Research related to their demise seems to be inconclusive and ongoing. Depending on the vector the bio -indicator would vary as to species and ecosystem as well as toxin and mode of action. There are so many variables your question becomes unrealistic and unanswerable with in logical reason. Sorry about that.: - ) No one organism would be the best indicator for all hazards.
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