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Asked by Solliday - 5 years ago
How far away is the star Antares?
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What star is Antares....

It is the star Alpha Scorpii, a red supergiant star in a binary system including a blue companion star, "Antares B", about 8 billion kilometers from the larger star. The diameter of Antares has been estimated as 700 times that of our Sun, but it has an estimated mass only 15 to 20 times as great (a relatively low average density).

The nebula thrown off by Antares is illuminated by the light of Antares B.
The red coloration of its light gave it its name, which means "Mars-like".

Antares - Red Supergiant Star

What's in a Name: Greek for "Rival of Mars" (Ares is Greek for Mars). Sometimes Antares is mistaken for Mars when they are close together because both are red.

Claim to Fame: Brightest star in the constellation Scorpio, the Scorpion. 16th brightest star in the sky (apparent visual magnitude = 0.9)

Type of Star: Red Supergiant (M1 Ib Spectral Class)

How Far Away: 325 light years away

How Big: 300 times as big as the sun (More than twice the diameter of the Earth's orbit).

How Bright: 3000 times the sun's luminosity (Mv = -4.5)

Where to View: In the constellation Scorpio, the Scorpion (Star Map).

When to View: July through August from Northern middle latitudes

How far is Antares from earth?
The star Antares is approximately 600 light years away from our solar system.
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