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Asked by elaine1962 - 5 years ago
I went to their website, to check it out and could find no "catches" in writing, so I was wondering if anyone else has received one of these cards and if so, have they tried it, and if so, did it really save any money and was there a "catch"?
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WannKnow Level 38 / L.P.N.,B.A.,B.S.
Answered 5 years ago
there are numerous discount Rx and Med TX sites, all proclaiming to be the one for everyone. ProCare, MDP?\/MSP, Points of Care, etc. just to name a few. I can't find anything on them though. Guess we will just have to have faith as we stumble through this dilemma we call the health care crisis.
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musthavethings Level 1
Answered 4 years ago
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mamatootie Level 1
Answered 4 years ago
I had a prescription saving card that was a national plan to be used at lots of pharmacies and although it was better than nothing most discounts were only about 10% and many times pretty lousy like only a dollar or no discount at all.

I now have a card that is specific to a reputable national pharmacy and it is wonderful. I always get a discount and the discounts are more in the 30 -40% range and sometimes even 75%. I always get my prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy anyways.
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