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Asked by marymarshall - 5 years ago
I cannot use the mouse in the standard fashion. The only way I can use it is to go up with the mouse when it needs to go down and right when it needs to go left. Why? Am I wired wrong?
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selrachco Level 5 / Contract Surveillance Rep
Answered 5 years ago
No. This is perfectly normal. It is called in somer circle the "69".
I can't answer a question w/o a little jocularity. (Sorry)
Now dow to brass balls- Imean brass tacks:)

Somehow the balls in your mouse got realigned. This realignment caused a miscalibration. To get it calibrated again to more nore operatin g procedure, or the bottom of the mouse is a trap door, Screw this trap drawer loose. Shake the balls out. Clean them of with a simple pencia; eraser a slightly damp cloth. Reload the ball If this doesn't work, but a new one like suggested. Costs abot $10.00. Come to think of it better to tsi than any other alternative,
jackiec751 Level 1
Answered 5 years ago
I use my mouse upside down and have since they first came out. It's makes perfect sense to me.
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