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Asked by Pollafax - 5 years ago
Generic (Belladonna-Alkaloid) no longer available. Donnatal very expensive. What other drug could we get to replace Donnatal at a more reasonable price. Wal Mart did find donnatal at .58 pertab. For me this is still a lot of money since I take 4 to 6 a day and my drug program does not pay for it. ai live on 300.00 a month.
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WannKnow Level 38 / L.P.N.,B.A.,B.S.
Answered 5 years ago
If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, mucousa colitis, etc. your insurance should pay for donnatal for a while. but it is an addictive medicine so there are limits to its length of prescription.
Doctors often use this drug to induce and maintain a remission of symptoms in hopes that some other medication, diet, support therapy can be used effectively once the bowel is quiet. They don't want to make a drug addict out of their patients in the interim. Ask your doctor what else needs to be done to help your condition and give you some pain relief. Don't use anything that the doctor doesn't first approve. Get better and stay well.
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