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Asked by lbartho - 5 years ago
I have medical power of attorney for my father. He is in stage 6 of altztiemers. He has been in conjestive heart failure for many years even before the altzteimers. Can I legally have him taken off his heart meds? He is currently in transition because of behavior problems and the alztiemers unit he is in has sent him for the 2nd time to the hospital physc. ward to work on anger management. The only management will be to increase the drugs because you cant reason with him at all in this stage. He is verbally abusive and strikes out at staff and family. I know he would not want to live like this and I always hoped the heart would take him before he got to this stage.
So once again can I legally have him taken off his heart meds?
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worriedsick Level 37 / R.T.(R)(M), BS
Answered 5 years ago
Alzheimer's is an ugly disease. To see our loved ones lose the ability to think and take care of themselves, turning into someone that neither they nor us would recognize, is a horrible thing to witness. I understand. My father had Alzheimer's. He also had congestive heart failure and prostate cancer.
You need to see what your state's laws are regarding this particular issue. Some states are tougher than others on this type of thing. An attorney's advice would be a good thing to get on this. If your family is on board with your decision, and the ethics board where your father is allows for this, then you can proceed.
Be strong.
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